Sunday, November 8, 2015

My writing jumping off the wharf

I’m at the petone beach swimming, I look at the wharf I I ran to the end i gas into the water some wan shaveds me I fall into the sparkle water. Who poshest me I yell. why did that guy poshest me.

I fell down and down and down my face changes to terror im so serd.
i was going to die I cried in fear I'm flapping my arms and my face like I'm crazy everyone was laughing so loud people are videoing me .i think that people are popping me on Facebook or Twitter I'm still going down I can see fish, swimming people I can hear people laughing at me and shouting at me look it him I felt awkward

I smashed into the water,the water the water goes everywhere I think? I went down and down and down i open my eyes I swim up and up Who poshest me I yelli no who did that royden!!!  People look at him why did you do that? I don't no? yelled he ran away as fast as lighting